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Physical Education

Physical Education Department

Lapeer High School has a wonderful weight room facility, which is used by both physical education classes during the school hours and numerous sports during after school hours. It is not uncommon to see 30 or more students working out to improve their overall level of fitness during school hours.
The room holds some very powerful equipment such as: A dual cable tower system with 8-10 work-out options on that single piece of equipment, a hammer press site, numerous bench presses, incline press benches, many squat racks, a leg curl machine, a leg press machine, several machines to work on your abs, a lateral pull down machine, a Smith machine, along with a few pieces for a cardiovascular workout. There are two sizeable racks, which house all the free weights available for students to utilize during their workouts. The room is large, open and airy with huge windows to enjoy the view while getting in a strenuous workout routine.

After school and during the summer months you’ll find the room full of athletes working very hard to increase their strength for their particular sport. At Lapeer High School almost every coach enjoys the benefit of having the use of the weight room facility for his or her athletes. Research shows the use of weight training specific to one’s sport will produce enormous results in bettering an athlete’s performance during the season.
It should be mentioned in this article that the creation of the Lapeer High School weight room was initially dreamed up by Brad Gerlach many years ago. He initiated, organized and ran many fundraising events, along with several interested parents, to raise money to build this lovely and much used athletic facility. Later on many community businesses were helpful in giving product or money to complete the project.

The weight room has been an asset to the physical education classes and to the sports programs we offer at Lapeer High School. With great care and support this facility will flourish for years to come.
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