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What Is Dual Enrollment?

Lapeer Community Schools high school students have three avenues in which they can dual enroll, Traditional Dual Enrollment, the Lapeer Early College Program and through our College on Campus Programs. For more information regarding any of these options, see your high school counselor!

Traditional Dual Enrollment
Any high school student is able to dual enroll in up to 10 eligible college courses throughout their high school career that can be counted for high school credit, college credit or both.

The Guidelines for Traditional Dual Enrollment are:

Student Eligibility -
Enrolled in at least 1 high school class
Have at least 1 parent living in the state
Has not been enrolled in high school for more than four years.

Post Secondary Institution Eligibility -
Must be a state university, community college or independent non-profit degree granting institution located in the state that chooses to comply with the Post- secondary Enrollment Options Act.

Course Eligibility -
Course offered by an eligible institution
Course is not offered by the high school (Advanced Placement courses are considered college equivalent)
Course is academic in nature
  The student has a qualifying score to take the course. 
If the student begins Dual Enrollment in:
9th Grade - not more than two courses in 9th, 10th, 11th grade, and not more than four course in grade 12.
10th Grade - not more than two course in 10th grade, and not more than four courses in 11th and 12th grade.
11th or 12th Grade
 - not more than six courses per year.

Lapeer Early College Program
By the start of 11th grade a student that commits to a 5th year of high school may earn an associates degree, professional certification, Michigan Early Middle College Association (MEMCA) certificate, 60 transferable credits or the right to participate in a registered apprenticeship along with their high school diploma.

The Guidelines for the Lapeer Early College Program are:

Student Eligibility -
Students must apply to the Lapeer Early College Program (Application)
If accepted to the program, individual degree programs are outlined in coordination with our partner institutions: 
Mott Community College.

College on Campus Programs:
Students must meet the eligibility requirements of either traditional dual enrollment or be accepted in the Lapeer Early College Program to participate in our College on Campus Programs. Minimum cohort requirements are required to offer each of the programs below.
Mott Business
Mott Criminal Justice
UM-Flint Humanities 

Dual Enrollment Tuition Costs

Lapeer Community Schools is responsible for eligible charges that are not in excess of the prorated part of the statewide pupil-weighted average foundation allowance for each course under the dual enrollment acts. This amount is adjusted annually, and is currently $666.67 per course. The pupil is responsible for the cost that remain after the district required portion. If the student does not successfully complete the course, they are responsible to reimburse the district for their expenses. These tuition policies apply to all of the district dual enrollment options.

Additional Information

Dual Enrollment Forms are available in the counseling office.

Mott Community College


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