Wilcox Techie Pages

Mrs. Wilcox’s classroom technology sites/apps

1.  Lesson plan book.  Are you going to be absent?  Did you forget what the homework assignment is?  Check out my lesson plans online anytime!  

www.planbook.com  (look for wilcoxmath)


2.  Online classroom.  Did you misplace today’s handout?  Do you want to ask your classmates a question?  This classroom site is the ‘facebook’ for school.

Geometry:  www.edmodo.com  code:  trzbyk

Calculus:  www.edmodo.com  code:  g6e7fs

*there is a free app for edmodo

3.  Using smartphones for questioning.  Did you use the ‘clickers’ in another class?  This is way easier, and it uses your smartphone or any device with internet access.

www.socrative.com my classroom is:  704905

*there is a free app for socrative