Mrs. Vermeesch's English 11
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Click here for the Amazon documentary.

Wii fit satire video

Taller Iphone video

Brain-dead teen video

The Good Samaritan Law video

Sneetches video

Click here for graphs.

Click here for the plagiarism powerpoint.

Click the links below for the videos and assignment for the March Informational Reading Unit.

Bill of Rights Institute: "Constitutional Principles: Separation of Powers" video

Below is the link for the patient's rights video:

Below is a video on education spending:

Below is the link for the victim's rights video:

Below is a video on working with a disability:

Here is the video assignment:
Video Summary.docx

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Click on the link below for the video for the Informational Reading Mid-unit Assessment.

Click on the videos below for helpful research suggestions.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3