Course Syllabus: Geometry A           Teacher:  Mr. Baumgart

Textbook: Holt Geometry     


Course Description:

                The focus of Geometry A is Chapters 1- 4.2 . Focal topics of this course include: foundations of geometry,midpoint/distance, transformations, basic logic, properties of parallel/perpendicular lines, geometric proof, and triangle classification. Geometry is a “building-block” course, therefore, knowledge of the above topics is crucial to success in Geometry B/C.

Course Expectations:

You are expected to….

  • Come to class on time and prepared.
  • Bring a positive attitude to class.
  • Put forth your best effort.
  • Take notes and participate during instruction.
  • Study for assessments such as quizzes and tests.
    • Get help as soon as it is needed. After school help days for each weekare posted on the board.

Classroom Rules:

  • Be respectful.
  • Raise your hand when you wish to speak.
  • Keep you language clean and appropriate.
  • Do not interfere with my ability to teach or others’ ability to learn!
    • Abide by the remaining Lapeer East High School Classroom Norms


Materials Needed/Notebook Organization

  • 3 ring binder full of paper
  • 5 notebook dividers with tabs labeled: 1) “FAs”  2) “Notes” 3) “Assignments”   4) “Quizzes”  5) “Practice Tests”
  • Pencil;   We will do in class grading using red pen. These are provided, but you may bring your own if you wish.
  • You will be issued a T1-83 graphing calculator for the trimester.


Course Structure/GradingPolicies

Your trimester grade will be weighted according to the percentages shown next to each heading below.


Assignments (30%): Assignments are anything handed in for a grade. Typically, these will be homework assignments; however, any collected in class work such as WarmUps, Homework Quizzes, or any additional formative assessments are included in this category.


Quizzes (30%):  Quizzes are given every 2-4 sections. You will know in advance when these are coming.


Tests (40%):  Tests are given at the end of each chapter.


Late Work/Assessment Retakes

  • Absent students have 1 day per day of absence to complete an assignment.


  • There is no penalty for late work or missing assignments, however, students must come in after school and complete the work in front of a math teacher.


  • Quizzes and Tests may be retaken once all assignments related to the assessment are completed.  The student will earn the better of the two scores.



District Grading Scale:

A             100-93                   B-            82-80                     D             66-63

A-           92-90                     C+           79-77                     D-           62-60

B+           87-89                     C             76-73                     F              59-0

B             86-83                     D+          69-67