Helpful Links
Below are some links to information that will be helpful in finding transition related resources.

My Delicious page: Here you will find several links to information that can be helpful in finding a variety of informative resources and connections to services you may find useful.

My Future Builder: My Future Builder is a website to help parents, students, and teachers work together to develop plans for transitioning. Take some time to explore the site and lets plan for the Future!  

Conover Online: The Conover web resource is a tool we use to assess student needs and skill levels in many areas. Students will be given assignments on the Conover website. To access these assignments, Students will be given a user name and password.

Natural Readers and VozMe are both text to speech websites. Both are free. Natural Readers will work online for small amounts of text or has a program you can download. If you create an account, you can choose more natural sounding voices and change the speed to make it easier to understand. If you just need something quick, VozMe will be the job done. Both will help you read web content that you cut and paste into the text window.

Khan Academy: A site with a large variety of video lessons on many topics. The site also now includes practice for skills. A great resource for learning new skills or reviewing skills.

EdHeads: EdHeads is a website with a variety of educational games that can help students learn skills and information.